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Do you ever feel like you are meant to be living

a life that feels bigger, fuller, and more nourishing to your soul?

Welcome to Conches!

We are Passionate about Inner Transformational Work!

We’re here to support the often uncomfortable process of moving beyond one’s shell – the places where we often find ourselves confined; in our lives, our relationships, our work as we try our best to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. It’s tough to navigate, and virtually impossible to do alone.

At Conches we offer tools, practices, guidance and facilitation

…to help your inner transformational process, so you can live a life that feels empowered, meaningful and authentic.

We are here to support your journey so you can live in deeper alignment with what matters to you most.

Did you know that each of us actually helps to bring positive change into the world when we learn to show up bravely as our truest and most authentic selves?


We all have unique gifts to offer the world – let’s make these discoveries together!

Here are a few Offerings we have going on right now

…Creative ways to explore yourself; to play and enjoy and remember over and over again the blessings that are here for us in this life!

Coming Up Next!

Conscious Connected Breathwork

Tuesday July 9th  7 – 9pm
Wakefield Qc. exact location TBD

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Get out of your Funk Sundays – Kambo Microdosing Ceremony

Sunday July 14th 11am – 3pm
Chelsea Qc.

$111 – $300
 kambosessions@gmail.com to apply

Elemental Alchemy: Breahwork & Thermal Experience at Agape Gardens

Sunday July 21st 1:30pm – 6pm

Agape Gardens Luskville Qc.


Claim your spot!

Learn more about Breathwork here

Learn more about Shadow Work Circles here


Our circles are confidential and held with great care.

As always, all are welcome, although space is limited!

Please note we are unable to offer refunds for our 2hr breath circles. Thank you for your understanding.

Practice & Learn

Please check out our practices and blog to learn more and to nurture and deepen your practice. We have poured a lot of love into both and we hope these resources will help you in your journey.

Conches | Image of a snail on a buddha statue

Gifts Page

These are practices and meditations that we have ourselves used or experimented with that have been helpful for us returning to a state of balance, and so we hope this page can offer some support and comfort to you and your community as needed.

Conches | Image of a shell on a rock

Blog Page

Coming out of your shell is scary – they are safe, protective and comfortable. However, it can feel pretty lonely and unfulfilling in there hiding so much of yourself from the world – and more often than not, we are hiding from our truest self.


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