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Our Offerings

We are here to support you in moving beyond your shell.

Erica & Robin Together

Deep Dive Sessions

In these sessions you will spend 2 1/2 hours diving deep into your body, mind and emotional landscape. Beginning with a one-on-one transpersonal counselling session, followed by a bodywork and energy healing session, you will experience extra support to help you manage and shift whatever challenge you find yourself in. These sessions are especially helpful for anyone navigating big transitions in their life.

Transformational Coaching Program

A commitment to your personal growth – done with cultivated individual care. Explore your individuality, your creativity, and the things that trigger the heck out you! With ongoing support, accountability, and some edgy practices, this program will help you breakthrough major personal blocks. Flexible, intensive and Fun!

Conches | Image of Robin & Erica

Breathwork Circles

There is much focus in our current society on looking externally to attain a state of peace, health and abundance – and it often feels elusive and unattainable. Yet for millennia, other cultures and traditions attained these states through various practices of breathwork.

The health benefits of breathwork are just being discovered and studied scientifically in our current western paradigm, and the evidence coming to light is nothing short of astounding.

“the greatest indicator of life span wasn’t genetics, diet, or the amount of daily exercise, as many had suspected. It was lung capacity.”

― James Nestor, Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art

We all have an inborn function that can be used to attain greater health, deeper self awareness and even spiritual or trans-personal experiences. There is no need to go any further than your own body, and more specifically, your own breath.

Something magical is in the air; it IS the air and how we are breathing it in!

These circles are a safe space to explore the deeply regenerative, and calming effects of Conscious Connected breathing. By shifting your breathing pattern you will tune your sympathetic nervous system, and ease your body into a state of relaxation and regeneration.

This is where you can put the outside world down, and re calibrate your inner space. We do this in group because special experiences are always best shared, and the energy is amplified when there is a diverse group of people. Many struggle with loneliness and isolation in our busy world, and the antidote, in our opinion, is connection and community.

We offer these circles by donation, with a suggested donation of $30-50 per individual. Please do not let cost be prohibitive to experiencing these circles! ‘Pay what you can’ is always available.

We truly hope you will join us!

Shadow Work Circles

When we step into intentional space to share and listen with others in a group, whole heartedly, we open ourselves to deeply transformative and fulfilling experiences.

Circle work is about bearing witness and sharing with others. It’s brave space. It’s vulnerable and it’s empowering.

Of all the work that both of us have done, it’s the group process work that has been most transformative. We’d like to share what we’ve learned, support others, and create deeper bonds between individuals.

This is our deepest intention.

Circle work can feel challenging, however, as with all challenges, the rewards are worth the effort.

In our society, most of us tend to hide the unattractive, in-congruent parts of our personality. We operate from the persona – the mask – as opposed to sharing what’s really true for us during our interactions.

These circles are a place where the masks come off. In doing so, we come back to recognizing ourselves as the whole and complex beings that we are.

Conches | Image of Robin & Erica

Carl Jung was once quoted “I’d rather be whole, than good”. This is the essence of being an authentic human and exploring our Shadows.

Jung defined “the shadow” as the part of ourselves that we don’t acknowledge – consciously or unconsciously.

The parts of ourselves that are denied expression, often end up acting through us unconsciously. Unconscious behaviours can be detrimental, and often get us very stuck in patterns and circumstances that we don’t want to be in. Yet we feel uncertain of how to create change, because it’s all being ruled by the unconscious.

When we step into the maturity of accepting our “uglier” shadow sides, we step into conscious relationship with ourselves and the unconscious hijacking loses it’s power.

This is deeply transformative work.

Our circles begin with introductions and questions that inspire authentic responses. We then build a sense of trust and safety so that we can support each other for the deeper work that will culminate the circle. The circle will wind down as we share together how we individually were struck by the collective experience, and we will harvest what we have learned about ourselves and each other.

We hold circle once a month. ALL are welcome – no exceptions, but space is limited, as we want to cultivate intimate space where everyone has a chance to express.

Investment is $25 per individual. We offer sliding scale for those who want to attend but feel the cost is prohibitive. Please just ask.

Work with Robin

Transpersonal Counselling

These sessions go beyond just talking. We will be doing various processes to get you into contact with emotional states, ego masks, and unconscious behaviours, so they can be understood, repurposed, and integrated. Through the integration of these aspects I will help guide you towards living a more authentically focused life.

  • Free consultation
  • All initials are 90min $120
  • 60min $100
  • Connection package bundle sessions available

Breath and Energy Medicine Sessions

Some things aren’t solvable or even explainable in words, and this is where hands on energy work can be effective.  Using the power of your own breath combined with hands on touch, you’ll be guided into a state where opportunities for personal expansion of the mind, body and soul are possible.  

In these 75 minute sessions, we will cross over into the realm of the transpersonal – places beyond our mind.  These sessions are unique, never the same, and offer profound glimpses into the beautiful complexities and Love of Spirit.

75min $125

*Also offered with Erica and Robin facilitating together for balanced masculine/feminine energies and added support.

Men’s Circle Work

Men’s circle work is a great passion of mine. Often men burden themselves with trying to “be a better man,” accompanied by emotional turmoil that can be difficult to express or know what to do with. I’ve sat in various men’s circles for years and I know that some work needs to be done exclusively with other men – in a safe setting where men can explore, with other men, the work of integrating our emotions and our shadows.  Being in the presence of other men facing similar challenges and struggles is like lifting a load with a team, rather than all by our lonesome.

Conches | Image of Robin

Work with Erica

A core belief behind my work is that a life of vital health and wellness is a gift we give ourselves. This becomes a commitment and practice to uncover, witness and appreciate the aspects of ourselves that we have judged, shamed, and disassociated from. These disassociated aspects and emotions are the root beds from which many physical and mental dis-eases emerge. The pathway towards self-awareness and self-love is an incredibly healing path with the power to shift and resolve big things in our bodies, minds and hearts.

In-person Sessions

These in-person sessions are client centered, and my intention is always to listen and respond to what your body is needing.  Sometimes there is a call for deep tissue massage, other times the central nervous system will want attention so we’ll focus on cranio-sacral therapy. Other sessions are more rooted in energetics or more shamanic practices. Often it’s a mix! 

Conches | Image of Erica

Virtual Sessions

In these virtual healing sessions we tap into the quantum field so together we can access the messages that are waiting for you. From there we communicate and check-in to make sure this information feels accurate and aligned. If it does, we proceed with any clearing or connection work that is ready to go – helping to resolve issues you are experiencing physically, mentally and emotionally from their metaphysical and spiritual root.


    • 60min $120 (Sound Healing session $100)
    • 75min $145
    • 90min $170
    • 120min $220

All in-person initial appointments are minimum 75min

Receipts for Registered Massage Therapy are provided upon payment with in-person sessions.

Sliding scale pricing is available


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